SoB 4-Pack Damp Sponge Duster Cleaning Brush, Magic Scraping Duster Sponge for Cleaning Venetian & Wooden Blinds, Vents, Radiators, Skirting Boards, Mirrors and Cobwebs, Traps Dust

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  • UPC: 198168115602
  • Brand Name: ShoppingOnBed
  • Manufacturer: ShoppingOnBed
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 4DCDSYellow
  • Model Number: 4DCDSYellow
  • Color: Yellow
  • Package Content: 4 x Damp Clean Duster Sponge
  • ASIN: B0CM51XDH2
$13.99 $15.00

About this item

  • 【Moist Cleaning Duster Sponge】The softness of the sponge cleaning brush allows it to easily go around hard-to-reach corners and surfaces such as ceiling fans, blinds, baseboards, railings, mirrors, air vents, TV cabinets and bookcases, ensuring a thorough cleaning of every part of your home corner.
  • 【Reusable Sponges】The damp cleaning duster sponge only needs to be soaked and softened before each use, no need to use any chemical cleaners, which reduces the dependence on chemicals and provides a more sustainable choice for environmentally friendly cleaning .
  • 【Package Contents】4 pieces wet dust removal sponges.
  • 【Multiple Uses】The groove design of the sponge duster effectively catches dust and debris enabling it to trap everything from hair to dust and debris in the sponge, effectively avoiding the spread of these particles in the air, improving indoor air quality, provide better protection.
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE】Using this sponge duster means you reduce your need for disposable cleaning supplies and create less waste for the environment. Its reusable nature helps reduce plastic litter and waste, making your cleaning habits more sustainable.
  • 【Strong Water Absorption】This sponge duster has excellent water absorption performance and the wet cleaning effect is better. Whether cleaning dishes or tackling other damp stains, the sponge duster absorbs water effectively for a more efficient cleaning experience.