SoB 24pcs NFC Cards for the Legend of Zel-da BOTW, [Newest Version] Compatible with Switch Games/Lite/Wii U

  • UPC: 738260595362
  • EAN: 0738260595362
  • Brand Name: ShoppingOnBed
  • Manufacturer: ShoppingOnBed
  • Model Number: 24pcs-NFC-Cards
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 24pcs NFC Cards
  • Package included: 24pcs NFC Cards
  • ASIN: B094G4J657
  • 24pcs ShoppingOnBed NFC cards for the Legend of Zel-da Breath of The Wild BOTW, [Newest Version] with Links Awakening/ Wolf/ Skyward swords for Switch/Lite/Wii U.

    • 🔥 Standard card dimensions: 8.2cm * 5cm / 3.22" * 1.96"
    • 🔥 Comes with a nice packing case to keep your cards safe and organized.
    • 🔥 PVC cards, high resolution and professional print.
    • 🔥 This is a set of 24 cards and a packing case. All cards will be tested before ship out.

    How to Use the NFC Cards - The Legend of Zel-da in Switch:

    • You MUST complete the first Four Shines challenge to activate Amiibo in game.
    • Press"+" button, Select System - Options - Amiibo to "Use Amiibo".
    • Press"Up", and change Runes to "Amiibo".
    • Pressthe "L" button to use Amiibo.
    • Putthe card on the Right Stick of your Joy-Con or Pro Controller which can support NFC function.

    Important Notes:

    • A) A card can only be used once per day normally.
    • B) You can only use it in the wild.
    • C) Each card has a specific picture of the Character on it.

    The reward items gave by each card is randomized and change.

    24 Pcs In Pack.

    Characters with item drop list backside:

    • 8-Bit Link (The Legend of Zel-da)
    • Link (Ocarina of Time)
    • Toon Link (The Wind Waker)
    • Toon Zel-da (The Wind Waker)
    • Link (Skyward Sword)
    • Fierce Deity Link (Majora's Mask)
    • The Legend of Zel-da Wolf Link (with 20 Hearts Save)
    • Twilight princess Link
    • Link Archer
    • Link Rider
    • Bokoblin
    • Zel-da (BOTW)
    • Guardian
    • Link
    • ToonLink
    • Zel-da
    • Ganondorf
    • Sheik
    • Revali
    • Daruk
    • Urbosa
    • Mipha

    Characters without item drop list backside

    • Link - Link's awakening
    • Link - Young Link